This is an Experimental Campaign with 3 players new to D&D. One has done a bit of role playing in multiple systems over a few years, one has role played once or twice, and the third has never role played before.

Hopefully, all will go well.

House Rules
Players have a choice for stat generation: A 15 point buy, or roll 4d6 6 times dropping the lowest each time. Arrange scores as desired. Reroll anything lower than 7.
1st level characters start with maximum wealth for their class.
Every character gets 1 weapon of their choice and 1 set of armor of their choice, but they must be able to use them, for free.
Advancement will be along the standard (medium) experience track.
Healing spells/potions: Roll for points healed, but average is guaranteed. (This preserves the excitement of a good roll while eliminating the irritation that comes with a 1.)
Hitpoints: At first level, take max hit points. At subsequent levels, roll the hit die, but 1/2 (rounded down) of the hit die is guaranteed.
New characters added to replace fallen comrades as well as the characters of any new players will enter the party with experience points equal to the average of the surviving members.

Pathfinder Experiment